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Welcome to CUBINlab

The CUBIN laboratory (CUBINlab) was created in August 2002. It is a UNIX based integrated network environment supporting research in CUBIN.

CUBINlab hosts many research projects such as the RADclock project (formerly TSCclock) and many resources concerning Active Probing.

You can become a CUBINlab user. Contact one of the CUBINlab administrators to get an account and access CUBINlab.


RADclock 0.3.0 supports Xen

23 Sep 2010 - The RADclock now supports Xen: accurate time and seamless migration. See our OSDI 2010 paper for more details and the download page to try it out.

Looking for a Ph.D student

2 Sep 2010 - We are seeking a Ph.D student to work on the RADclock project. Top-up available, see here for details.

RADclock 0.2.4 released

7 Jul 2010 - A lot of new features, have a look at the ChangeLog! RADclock project.

CUBINlab cluster upgrade

8 Nov 2009 - The Sun Grid Engine has been deployed. See here.